à la carte pricing

Domain Name Registration (1-yr + hosting) $50
Move Existing Website to a New Host $100
Wordpress Instalation (no customization) $100
Joomla Instalation (no customization) $100
SugarCRM Instalation (no customization) $100
Email Address Configuration (10 address' IMAP or POP) $50
Blog Instalation & Customization $200
E-commerce Integration $1,000*
Email Marketing Campaign Management (per month) $100*
Logo Design $200
Landing Page Design $100
Photo Galery Page $200
Video Integration $200
RSS News Feed $100
PHP Forms: Simple Contact $50
PHP Forms: Complex $100
PHP Forms: MySQL, Salesforce or SugarCRM Integration $200
Newsletter Design $100
Google AdWords Integration $100
Google Analystics Configuration $50
Google Webmaster Tools Configuration $50
Bing Ads Configuration $100
Bing Webmaster Configuration $50
SEO On-Page Optimization (per page) $60
Social Media Like Buttons $100
Facebook Configuration and Website Link $50
Twitter Configuration and Website Link $50
LinkedIn Configuration and Website Link $50
Google+ Configuration and Website Link $50
Pinterest Configuration and Website Link $50
Youtube Video (upload, configuration and optimization) $100
Vimeo Video (upload, configuration and optimization) $100

* Prices will increase with the complexity of the project.

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