Search Engine Optimization

With millions of companies on the internet and dozens, even hundreds, of local competitors, how do you make sure your customers will find you? Would it help if your business was listed at or close to the top of Google's search results? Clearly the answer is yes. Search position matters and Innovation Content Management Systems can help. We provide search engine optimization (SEO) solutions for startups and small to medium sized businesses. Search engine optimization can improve your rankings and increase your website's visibility.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the first step in optimizing a website for search. It all begins with the words a potential customer types into Google. No doubt, keyword research can be both complex and time consuming; however, the benefits of doing it are huge. Ranking for the right keywords can have a tremendous effect on search engine results and website traffic so investing some time up front identifying the best keywords to work with will go a long way towards making your website a success.

Quality Content

Start with the end user in mind. Short term optimization techniques are more often than not counterproductive. For instance, gaming the system by taking advantage of loopholes in Google’s search algorithm will typically only achieve short term gains. To achieve lasting results, it's critical to understand that the search engines strive to provide end users with high quality content. Why not align your website goals with the goals of Google and the other search engines by creating quality content that's written first and foremost for the end user? This content can then be optimized for the search engines without detracting from the end user experience. Our copywriters will work with you to insure that your site resonates with both end users and the search engines.

On-site Optimization

One of the simplest and most effective website adjustments is the creation and optimization of metadata. Properly optimized page titles and meta descriptions, for instance, help the search engines process and index your sites content. Beyond the metadata, there are numerous other on-site configurations that require attention. For example: site architecture, navigation, link structure, site maps, redirects, header (H1, H2, H3) tags, and images just to name a few. No matter how good your content and keywords are, if you neglect your website's on-site optimization, your ranking potential will be compromised.

Off-site Optimization

Inbound (off-site) links are the single biggest factor in determining search rankings. Similarly, the influence of social media on rankings is significant and growing. Inbound links and social media simultaneously increase website traffic and search rank. If your competitors are more active in social media and do a better job of attracting inbound links, they're going to beat you in the rankings. As such, link acquisition and social media strategies are an essential ongoing component of search engine optimization.

If your site is underperforming in the search engines, Innovation Content Management Systems offers reasonably priced solutions that will get you back on track. We'll start by doing a free website audit to identify problems with your website’s keywords, content, architecture, navigation, links, site map, and images. From there we'll provide you with a price quote detailing the work required to fix any issues. Needless to say, there is no obligation to use our services.

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